Heaven Has A Blueprint Solution For Every Problem

By Simon Mason

"If you're in the middle of a big problem, its because you've graduated your smaller problems." - Graham Cooke

It could be that you're an entrepreneur, a kingdom business owner, a justice reformer or a cultural transformer, but regardless of your role it can often feel sometimes as though we move from one crisis to another. Like a pinball pinging about on a table, it can sometimes feel a little relentless.

But if you’ve found yourself in a problem, you can be confident that the Father has placed you there to empower you to solve it by giving you the wisdom and strategies to breakthrough.

In every circumstance the Father has set you up for breakthrough.

1. Earth Has A Destiny To Be Transformed

Jesus taught us that His ministry was to bring heaven to earth and he invited us to co-labor with him on this task. He even taught us to pray, “…on earth as it is in heaven.”

Personally, we have a destiny to be transformed into the image of the likeness of Christ.

But to take that a step further, Jesus invites us to believe that the desire of God is to partner with us transform earth into the likeness of heaven. This means that all of heaven is strategising to see earth converged into its likeness.

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Earth has a destiny to be transformed into the Image of Heaven.

For earth to begin to look like heaven, a lot of the problems of this world are going to have to be solved on a global scale:

  • How can we address extreme poverty?
  • How do we break the patterns of systemic racism?
  • How can we innovate in a way that heals rather than harms the planet?

But, all of these problems are reducible to the personal scale:

  • How can I run a business that honors God but also prospers?
  • How can I work with employees in a way that honors them but also produces efficient outcomes?
  • How can I change the culture of my organisation?

Every big problem starts by solving a smaller problem.

The church is in the throes of a reformation. It’s a reformation that is transforming us to recapture the true identity of God as a Father and the importance of building the Kingdom. (It's for this reason that Administration's Time has Come.)

But a part of the wider recapturing of our Kingdom mandate on the earth is recognising that if we were created in the image of God, we were created in the image of the supreme problem solver.

2. Build with Wisdom

Isaiah looking ahead prophesied of a time when the MountainSphere of the Kingdom (he called it the mountain of the Lord’s house) would influence and be pre-eminent over every other MountainSphere.

He said, “and all the Many peoples will come and say, Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord… He will teach us his ways so that we may walk in his paths.”

That is to say, “Let’s build our businesses and organisations, the way the Lord would build a business or an organisation.”

Isaiah saw that in a time to come, the world would seek out Godly men and women to gain new insights in how to solve problems in every sphere of life.

We often think of wisdom as being mere relational experience but from heaven's perspective, wisdom is the insight of heaven's capacity to solve problems.

Wisdom is the grace:

  • To see from a higher perspective,
  • To trust that integrity always wins out in the end,
  • To recognise the destructive power of unrighteousness,
  • To constructively imagine a better future and
  • To see problems before they arise and build anticipating them.

It is an incredibly understated value in the churches. Yet wisdom can save us years of heartache and waste if we build according its heavenly principles.

By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. – Pr 24:3-4

The book of Proverbs is a book of building according to Kingdom principles.

Wisdom also leads us to build according to heavenly principles so that we can increase the leverage of our life. We While we only have a set number of years, wisdom gives us insight to build in a way that increases the leverage of our life.

Heaven has a plan to equip us with wisdom to build for radical influence.

3. You have the Mind of Christ

Paul stated this concisely by stating 'You have the mind of Christ'.

The point of this is not to say that we have become highly intelligent without realising, but rather that being in relationship with Christ gives us access to heaven's insight and understanding.

We begin to solve the problems we are faced with by engaging the mind of Christ and asking 'How would Jesus solve this problem?'


One of the key ways you can engage the mind of Christ is by cultivating the gift of administration in your life. I explore this in more detail in the free ebook Gift of Administration. So if you're interested, get a copy now through the link below.

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