Three Paradigm Shifts You Need to Start a Kingdom Business Today

By Simon Mason

If you're anything like me, the thought of starting business was a struggle for the longest time. I knew I was called to innovate but something resisted it. For what seemed like half a lifetime, I to'd and fro'd between the desire to build a business and the sense that it was a 'lessor' calling. Ultimately, I realised to come to terms with my call to be an entrepreneur I had to recognise that the things that were stopping me were old ways of thinking. For me to move forward, it wasn't my circumstances that had to change but my paradigm.

I needed heaven's worldview on business.

Fortunately, paradigm change is one of most common experiences in the Christian walk. In fact, after evidence of love in our life, the fact that our worldview is maturing is one of the clearest indicators we're on the journey.

Our faith isn't in an ancient text but in a God who leads us into transformation.

For me to move forwards, my way of thinking has had to radically adjust to the values of the Kingdom.

These have been the four biggest paradigm shifts I've experienced.

1. Get Confident God Wants You to Prosper

I have a confession here. For most of my life, I believed that wealth was the problem.

In my mind, wealth was a temptation that needed to be resisted.

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The core of this belief is a failure to trust that wealth won't compromise your faith. Faced between the choice of wealth and faith, most people opt for faith.

But it's a false choice.

In scripture, there is permission to prosper. In fact, scripture goes way beyond permission and indicates its a part of our calling. If we explore the mandate to grow in influence and to impact our world for the kingdom, it's impossible to avoid the fact that wealth is a inescapable component of influence.

The idea that the blessings of God await us in the 'age to come' or more frankly, once we die, is a pretty recent conception.

When YHWH shows up to talk to Israel, literally all of His promises about material blessing. Really, with the exception of promises of peace (which allows you to enjoy your blessing) the majority of God's promises are about entering a land or hosting God's presence that facilitates specific material blessing. Check it out sometime, you'll be surprised.

In fact, God is so committed to you prospering that Proverbs states, "the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous."

Seen in the light of our mandate to grow in influence, the logic is clear. If we're to walk in the influence we need to transform the world, then it's going to take the wealth of the world.

We don't do ourselves a favour by hold a paradigm that creates a false choice between wealth and spirituality. (Of course, the usual caveats apply, we can't afford to let wealth be determinative of spiritual and character growth. But you already knew that.)

2. Get Committed to Leaving a Legacy

I'm a big fan of evangelicalism. Heck, I ticked 'evangelical' in the last census. But I can honor its breakthroughs while recognising that it has occasionally left us with patchy heritage.

A big part of this patchy heritage is how we think about our life in light of future generations. In short, we haven't always been left with a strong value on legacy building.

When Abraham followed YHWH out of his home turf toward the promise of a better country, he wasn't thinking in terms of personal salvation, but about the impact of his choices on the following generations to come.

Abraham was already a wealthy businessman (likely more akin to a tribal sheik than a businessman, but you get the idea). He followed the invitation of YHWH not because he was thinking about the afterlife but because he was gripped with the immense value of building something for future generations.

I wonder if the focus on 'personal salvation' hasn't made us oblivious to the need to build a legacy to honor our future kids and grandkids.

If we have a "just passin' through" mentality its unlikely that we'll build anything worth passing on.

Similarly, if we're interested in salvation alone, we'll never equip the next generation to do anything more than merely 'get saved'.

For me the small step of starting a business is a step towards building a legacy and recognition that I want to empower my future to grandkids to be world-changers.

And you know, while my businesses might not even succeed at least the battle is won in my heart and its a value I can leave to others.

3. Get Energised by Heaven to Solve a Problem

For the longest time I thought that Heaven didn't believe in earth.

Let me explain.

I thought that Heaven, with the intensity of activity around the throne, the (likely) sense of constant fulfilment and wonder, probably had no interest in the goings-on of earth. If indeed, it even knew that an earth even exist. Who knew.

Then I took a closer look at scripture, and found that in fact every single interaction with Heaven revealed that it is constantly thinking about earth.

When the prophet in 2 Chronicles 18:19 stands before the throne, all of heaven has convened to a court and they're making decisions about the earth.

When John passes through in Revelation, it seems that all anyone wants to talk about is what's coming next for the earth.

In fact, every time that God shows up, He doesn't want to talk about heaven (or hell either, perhaps surprisingly) but rather the plans and purposes He has for Israel, His son, and creation.

In fact, evidently all of Heaven is eagerly anticipating God's creative and redemptive nature being put on display in the earth.

The Father with his infinite recall and cognition, desires to se us up to succeed, and more than that, to transform and heal the earth.

There is no problem that earth is experiencing that Heaven doesn't have a solution for.

When you overcome the belief that Heaven is disinterested in the outcome of earth, its easy to believe that all of Heaven is invested in our successes.

Heaven is in the business of empowering us to solve problems on the earth. When we start an enterprise to transform and heal the earth, we might not realise, but we're in partnership with the purposes of heaven..


Boom. So there you have it. These three paradigm shifts released me to realise that it was not just an option to build a Kingdom business, it was a mandate.

What are your thoughts? What are the paradigm shifts that you're had to pass through? Comment below and lets get the conversation started.

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