The Best Advice I Ever Received About My Destiny 

By Simon Mason

It was in the midst of the grimmest most disheartening season, that I realised I probably needed a better way to think about my destiny. If we are to transform the world for the Kingdom, how we think about our destiny is central to our sense of identity.

And let's be honest, destiny is really one of those terms that can either liberate us or dishearten us. The idea of our destiny is either going to energise you or cause us to feel incredibly futile about the direction your life is going.

So I want to offer the two best bits of advice anyone ever gave me about my 'destiny' and how you can move towards yours.

1. Your Destiny Is A Place Of Increasing Influence.

No matter where we find ourselves we are in training for the next measure of increase.

Isaiah spoke of the Kingdom and said "of the increase of His government and peace, there will be no end."

If you have stepped into the Kingdom, you'll find that it is all about increase in every area of your life. We have come to an ever-increasing Kingdom. Heaven is not interested in resourcing you for a life of, just-holding-on-til-Jesus-returns, isolationist protection. Heaven responds to sons and daughters that take risks in growing in increase and influence.

It says in Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.” It also says, “‘I know the plans I have for you’, says the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you… and to give you a future.’” There’s a two-fold promise here. To prosper you means that you will actually succeed in leaving legacy for the next generation. And to give you a future means the things you do in this life don’t become insignificant actions but have a resonance and leave a residue of influence on this world.

The problem is that in the West is there's a bit of an overemphasis on pursuing happiness.

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Let me explain.

A focus on happiness can get both a little confusing and a little bit misleading. We've been assailed with information on which country is the happiest country, which group of people is the happiest group of people, which occupation is the happiest occupation. But happiness, in itself, is not only difficult to quantify it's almost impossible to pursue.

This is because happiness is always a byproduct of something that’s occurring on a deeper level. Happiness is the surface level of expression for an internal reality.

Happiness is not a series of great experiences, its the fruit of feeling as though we are living the life we're called to live.

In this regard, meaningfulness is a much more insightful measure on whether or not we’re living the life we are called to live than measuring our happiness is. Pursuing happiness is also a bit quixotic. If you asked ourselves if you're happy, more often than not, with looking it disappears. Happiness (like sand) seems to evaporate the more we try to grab onto it. It's an endless horizon that disappears ahead of us.

Meaningfulness, on the other hand, is incredibly heartening as we can immediately began to identify the areas in our life that we feel meaningful.

...and here's the secret to meaningfulness. We feel as though we’re living a meaningful life when we begin to live a life of influence.

Your heart isn’t wired for pleasure satisfaction. A pursuit of happiness alone is an external bandaid that'll only provide a temporary thrill. Rather, your heart is wired enjoy living a life of meaning.

But heres' the beautiful thing: happiness grows organically as the byproduct of establishing meaning and influence in our life.

It’s for this reason when we think about our destiny we shouldn't think about doing something that makes us happy, we should think about the places we're called to walk in influence.

Build your life on the premise of building influence, and you'll find happiness will always follow you.

2. Your Destiny Follows Your Identity.

Have you noticed how some people, no matter what situation they find themselves in, rise immediately to the top? Some folks seem to find an internal resilience that allows them to flourish no matter their circumstance?

It's likely they've discovered the key that their destiny flows out of their identity.

The best example of this we have in the scripture is Joseph. Right form the start, Joseph has a radical destiny to impact the nations.

Yet its clear from the way he spoke to his family that Joseph simply had no character.

What we see is he went from places of transformation that he had to be stripped of all the odd things and external sense of torment so that the Lord can deal with his identity at the core of his being.

Joseph became a radical leader not in the palace but in the prison. He was prepared for influence, not amongst the significant but among the insignificant. It’s who Joseph became in a place of hidden and isolation that determined who he would remain in the place of public exposure.

It seems like when we pursue a Kingdom destiny, it’s precisely the same. The Father doesn't seem to release us into a destiny that we don’t have the identity capable of carrying.

The more we pursue a destiny, the deeper the Father forges character in our identity.

The incredible thing is that like Joseph, we never know precisely the moment we're going to get called from the Prison into the Palace.

This means that no matter what season we walk through, the most important outcome is that we know who we are, whose we are, and where we’re going, even if our external circumstances indicate we're going nowhere fast.

Right now, just like Joseph, your prison of circumstance is training you for a palace of influence.

So get out there and pursue your destiny.... because your place of influence is waiting for you.

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